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Imagine Me and You, I Do: Working Together on Curated Content

As internal access to collections increases through collection management systems and as online publishing formats multiply, how do we work together within organizations to effectively “curate” content? What does it mean to curate?  How can different departments within organizations work … Continue reading

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The Feds are Coming! Discussion Proposal

Three Government Documents Librarians want to share a few things about the nexus of  government information, technology, and the humanities.  Yes, the feds have gone all-out-techie and have developed many online resources to help citizens find information on everything from … Continue reading

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Educating Faculty: Confronting the Fear Factor of the Digital Humanities

As someone who has been using digital media (to qualify, rather erratically) in her research and teaching for many years, I am a bit of a lone wolf in an English Department that strictly adheres to traditional print culture in … Continue reading

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Creating Two Totally Excellent HISTORY Websites: University Desegregation Anniversary (& US Largest Slave Revolt)

There is already a session about faculty with little or no web training, but that underlies this too.  I am actually trying to build two websites:  one for the 50th Anniversary of the Desegregation of Tulane; and one for the … Continue reading

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What’s an untrained faculty member to do?

I am interested in discussing how faculty members who receive no training or support can develop sites and online archives to promote their research and create online communities. Much of my research has been invested in the recovery of forgotten … Continue reading

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Session Proposal: Zotero and Open Source Tools

I would like to host a session on Zotero, an open source reference management application. In the session, I will explain what Zotero is, and provided a brief tutorial on how to setup, create and manage your Zotero account. I would also … Continue reading

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Session Proposal: CONTENTdm Love/Hate Fest

It’s everywhere. Every library or museum of a certain size seems to have digital collections in it. You can’t escape it. It’s CONTENTdm! But is that a bad thing? In this session, I’d like to talk/share/commiserate with other CONTENTdm users on some … Continue reading

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Tech Support for Collections

I would like to know how others are supporting digital collection data growth and integrity. As a system and storage administrator, I’ve found it difficult to predict storage growth over time, especially within the confines of grant funding. I would also like … Continue reading

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Building an Interdisciplinary Digital Humanities/New Media Community in the Deep South

I have been fortunate to attend a few THATCamps connected to academic conferences for historians, and I have wanted to work with others to create a THATCamp (and, we hope, a series of unconferences) rooted in New Orleans and the … Continue reading

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