Dork Shorts

We will have a 30-minute Dork Shorts session during the last part of our 90-minute lunch break.
12:00-1:30 Lunch and 1:00 -1:30 Dork Shorts

THATCAmp Central states:
“Dork shorts, known in some corners as ‘lightning talks,’ are brief (2-minute) presentations in which attendees discuss current or upcoming projects, demonstrate new tools, or call for collaborators. Like most of THATCamp, Dork Shorts are meant to be as informal as possible. Although the concept might be unfamiliar to new THATCampers, veterans think it’s one of the most fun and useful parts of each meeting: Dork Shorts let you learn a lot in a little bit of time.”

Since not everybody will be able to attend, we want to follow the approach taken by THATCamp New England, whose instructions we borrow.

“Tell us about your project, the great tools or apps that make your life worth living or anything that you think is relevant and worth telling about. You have two minutes, one topic, and you get to use one URL. No PowerPoint, no time to load anything, no USB sticks.”

This comment thread will allow those people having a great lunch break the opportunity to learn a little bit about your project regardless of how late they may be in rejoining THATCamp. If you’d like to present, sign up by adding a comment and URL below. We will have time for about 15 presentations. If there’s space available, one can sign up on Friday. The order we follow in this session will be based upon when you post your comment.

Some Dork Shorts in action:

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About Michael Mizell-Nelson

Interests: digital projects; New Orleans & Louisiana history; public history; documentary video production; labor and food history; 20th century US history.

5 Responses to Dork Shorts

  1. molly knapp says:

    a tool I recently discovered is TimelineJS – open source timeline software. Haven’t used it, but it looks cool – worth 2 minutes of your lunch time.

  2. Vicki Mayer says:

    Sounds fun!

  3. The Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage at the University of Southern Mississippi has three projects of interest to THATCampers. These are the three I mentioned in my Dork Short.

    *Mississippi Moments, oral history podcasts:

    *Voices from the Fisheries, NOAA-supported oral history of the fisheries. Our Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Oral History Project cah be accessed here:
    The full 60+ set of interviews will be fully uploaded in about four weeks.

    Oral History of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement at the Mississippi Digital Library.

  4. Chris Vinson says:

    My dork short today outlined the Open Parks Network, a project at Clemson University, funded by an IMLS National Leadership Grant, that aims to digitized at least 150,000 items such as maps, photographs, negatives, architectural drawings, and slides and 1.5 million pages of gray literature held at the libraries, museums, and archives of sites managed by the National Park Service.

    The Open Parks Network beta web site is available here:

    We also developed an exhibition for the Digital Public Library of America using material digitized as a part of this project:

  5. My short featured the Interactive Historical Map Viewer from the University of Southern Mississippi Archives. The viewer contains a selection of historical maps from the historical map collection that have been georeferenced and layered over a current basemap. The transparency of the historical map can be manipulated to compare the two layers. Currently represented regions include Mississippi, Louisiana, the eastern United States, and Central and South America.

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