Imagine Me and You, I Do: Working Together on Curated Content

As internal access to collections increases through collection management systems and as online publishing formats multiply, how do we work together within organizations to effectively “curate” content? What does it mean to curate?  How can different departments within organizations work together to bring material to the public? This may be the “looking-in” version of Michael’s proposal!

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About Kim Guise

After many years of library work and lots of foot-dragging, I received my MLIS in 2008 and almost immediately started a job as a non-librarian-- Curator at The National WWII Museum. I play Rosie the Riveter, blog about Rosie the Riveter, scan (and scan and scan), and drive a forklift. I recently curated Guests of the Third Reich: American POWs in Europe ( I'm interested in New Orleans history (particularly wartime), captivity studies, oral history & memory--and in ways to bring all of these things to new audiences.