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Digitization of Film and Video: Problems and Practices

Some of the first old media to be transformed by digital technology does not occupy much discussion at THATCamps. (Neither film nor video have earned their own categories for our THATCamp posts.) The first THATCamp New Orleans features an intriguing … Continue reading

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It’s Session Proposal Time!!!! Also Twitter, Boogaloo, etc.

In case you haven’t seen Michael’s e-mail, it’s time to start thinking up amazing things for us to talk about when we descend upon the CBD next week. There are some ideas and suggestions over on the Sessions page, but … Continue reading

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Building an Interdisciplinary Digital Humanities/New Media Community in the Deep South

I have been fortunate to attend a few THATCamps connected to academic conferences for historians, and I have wanted to work with others to create a THATCamp (and, we hope, a series of unconferences) rooted in New Orleans and the … Continue reading

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