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Digital Dork Shorts, Session Notes, and Evening/Weekend Plans

Just a reminder to add a link to your dork shorts sites in the comments to this post (whether you showed us your work in person or if the comments are the first time we see it). Also, if you … Continue reading

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Digitization of Film and Video: Problems and Practices

Some of the first old media to be transformed by digital technology does not occupy much discussion at THATCamps. (Neither film nor video have earned their own categories for our THATCamp posts.) The first THATCamp New Orleans features an intriguing … Continue reading

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Digital Work as Engaged Service Learning

In the spirit of the very well received session proposal Tech Learning Modules Travers posted, I would like to propose this as a “session module,” one that might either be discussed on its own or fitted into another session. I … Continue reading

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Dork Shorts

We will have a 30-minute Dork Shorts session during the last part of our 90-minute lunch break. 12:00-1:30 Lunch and 1:00 -1:30 Dork Shorts THATCAmp Central states: “Dork shorts, known in some corners as ‘lightning talks,’ are brief (2-minute) presentations … Continue reading

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Imagine Me and You, I Do: Working Together on Curated Content

As internal access to collections increases through collection management systems and as online publishing formats multiply, how do we work together within organizations to effectively “curate” content? What does it mean to curate?  How can different departments within organizations work … Continue reading

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Google Drive space for THATCamp New Orleans 2013 – Add it early and be ready!

There is now a Google Drive space just for us, and everybody should be able to access it by clicking that link. You will need to sign in to Google and click the “Add to Drive” button. Then you’ll see … Continue reading

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Session Proposal: Seeking a Digital Interface for a Project about Maps, Bees, and Old Houses

I think my particular proposal, related to a project I am currently working on, might be a sub-topic for any number of sessions already offered (specifically, Michael’s, Anne’s and/or Doreen’s). I am trying to sort out the best technology/interface to use for … Continue reading

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The Feds are Coming! Discussion Proposal

Three Government Documents Librarians want to share a few things about the nexus of  government information, technology, and the humanities.  Yes, the feds have gone all-out-techie and have developed many online resources to help citizens find information on everything from … Continue reading

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General THATCamp Schedule

Hello, THATCampers. Here is a general schedule for the day. The content of the sessions is up to you, so be sure to propose a session (or several) if you haven’t already. Keep an eye on this blog, too, since … Continue reading

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Tech Learning Modules

For THATCamp New Orleans, I propose a problem-solving session on developing technological skills-training modules that could be inserted in a variety of humanities courses. Typical semester-length classes devoted to learning software applications quickly become outdated, and campus tutorials or workshops … Continue reading

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