Doreen Piano

  • Associate Professor
  • University of New Orleans
  • Twitter: @dr_p_2u

I took a computers and composition class in 1992 when I was studying creative writing as a grad student. The class was mind-blowing and I did a very cool multi-media project in the Mac program Hypercard. The next semester I did an independent study with the professor John Slatin (RIP) and tried to create a hypertext novel. Since then I have built websites, used wikis, and kept a blog for a few years at the beginning of the Gulf War (2003). As much as I feel conversant with strands of digital humanities and writing/computer studies, I don't feel completely literate. That doesn't stop me from introducing multi-media projects into my writing and graduate classes but I would like to learn a bit more about different software/programs to use for my own research--how to mediate an article for publication--to finding new tools for teaching.

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