Tech Support for Collections

I would like to know how others are supporting digital collection data growth and integrity. As a system and storage administrator, I’ve found it difficult to predict storage growth over time, especially within the confines of grant funding. I would also like to explore the pros and cons of hosted storage solutions with those who may have experiences to share.

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About Tina White

I am a Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator for The University of Southern Mississippi with six years of admin experience. For the past few years I have worked closely with the digital asset managers for the University Libraries. I would like to meet with others who have shared our experiences and needs to compare solutions and goals.

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  1. Gena Chattin says:

    This is a huge issue and one that grant funding agencies have only begun to consider, much less tackle. Even if the collections don’t grow, there’s so much cost associated with keeping up the hardware and replacing it. I saw a neat report about this some months back, too: Sustainable funding is such a challenge for institutions of all sizes.

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